About Aquarelle Maison

Aquarelle means watercolor + Maison means house. To us living in a house of watercolors is what dreams are made of. When trying to decide upon our name nothing seemed more fitting.

Our pieces are made for the romantic dreamer at heart. Timeless luxury with a heart of wildflowers. Our ethereal, bespoke, and effortless pieces are meant to be lived in and still passed down to your friends, daughters, nieces, and granddaughters.

Our garments and home goods are made of the highest quality silks, cottons, linens, and cashmere. Using age old finishing techniques, these pieces are effortless and airy.

Our paper goods are made with the highest quality natural paper, printed with water based inks, and hand lettered; our unique one of a kind prints fuse fluidity with form.

Designed with love + hand crafted in NYC we are both sustainable + ethical, made with natural dyes + inks and imbued with good vibes.

Dream, Live, Work, Play, Love, + Sleep in AM. We’re made to complement your life while you live it to the fullest!



Jenny Callentine

CEO, Creative Director, + Founder

Aquarelle Maison was a natural evolution of my experience as an artist + entrepreneur, as well as my background in alternative wellness. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of creating my own world and role within our lovely mother earth. Having started to create at a young age, I realized that the creative process as a whole was, and still is, a direct reflection of my most intimate thoughts, feelings, and emotions. A way to capture a mood as well as the vibrant beauty we encounter in every day life.

As an artist and designer, I am constantly asked what inspires me. 

My answer? Everything.

Truthfully, life inspires me. The air we breathe ... the food we eat. I am inspired by the glamour, luxuriousness, and sensuality of Old Hollywood and how it can mingle with the style of a goddess and gypsy spirit... creating it's own glorious melange. I am inspired by the ease and comfort of long days at the beach or the park, the detail and quality of handmade items, traveling and getting ready for new adven­tures, learning about different cultures, and the vibrant colors of fresh blooms in the morning. I am inspired by the beauty of nature, the stillness of the mountains and the movement of the ocean, by the open relaxation of coastal islands and the bustling energy of metropolitan areas, where calm and chaos meet. I am inspired by the sounds of birds and bees flying through flowers, by the wind through my hair, rainstorms and sunny days, orchestras and operas. Mostly, I am inspired by the wisdom of contemplation and the com­plexity of the human heart. I am in awe of our strength and humbled by our resilience. I hope you will find all of this reflected in my work.

As someone who has always been empathetic to my surroundings and those around me, it has been my wish to bring beauty, happiness, and love into others lives. It only seems natural that Aquarelle Maison aims at bringing the same joy + enthusiasm for life's adventures into every aspect of our day. Each piece of artwork is a little attempt at capturing the beauty of life and by incorporating my paintings into our luxurious home goods, beautiful + customizable stationery, wrapping paper, wallpaper, and breezy loungewear, I hope to bring some of the sparkle and magic of our designs to brighten up your world or to punctuate a special occasion with a bespoke message.

Every piece you see of Aquarelle Maison is my own love letter to the world that I find myself so inspired by. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Jenny

P.S. Interested in customization? From hand painted wedding invitations, to bespoke pillows for a new baby, to customized caftans for a special gift, Aquarelle Maison is a brand that loves working with its customers and I am always happy to do custom pieces. Email us here or take a look at our customizations, wedding, and baby pages!

The Design Process

Each of our textile prints either start with one of our founders' original works of art, which she then edits digitally and builds into beautiful prints, or is an individual piece of art that has been hand dyed using natural dyes in her studio. Once we are pleased with our digital prints, they are sent to the printer where they are digitally printed on our fabric with non toxic water based dyesOur hand dyed fabrics are dyed in the studio using all natural dyes made of flowers + fruit and imbued with the good vibes of crystals, sound, sage, and loveCreating uniquely beautiful prints just for you!

From there, our pieces start the process from vision to reality... 

Have a peek through the looking glass and catch a glimpse of our world!

the studio